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Last year, Michael led a SCA 2018 Masterclass.  During the webinar, he shared:

  • The difference between teaching the principles, helping people, and transformative coaching
  • What it means to be principles-centric, relief-centric, or potential-centric
  • The critical understandings and skills behind insight, impact, and innovation
  • Why “fierce gentleness” is the key to powerful coaching

Michael also answered questions about how to make your decision about enrollment without trying too hard to talk yourself into or out of what you already know to do.

You can listen to the recording below:


In 2016, Michael led a series of six mini-masterclasses designed to give people interested in training as a coach and/or integrating the inside-out principles-based understanding into their existing practice “a taste of Supercoach Academy”. In each session, he covered discrete elements of transformative coaching, answered questions, and offered laser coaching sessions to pre-selected participants.

The six sessions cover:

  • Insight
  • Impact
  • Innovation
  • Performance
  • Results
  • Practice-Building

The purpose of the series was to act as a kind of “screening mechanism” for the Academy. If you don’t enjoy them, you probably won’t enjoy being part of the Academy; if you love them, you’ll love the live interaction and fellowship of the Academy even more!

The recordings of each day are posted below.

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Lynne_Head_ShotSupercoach Academy is a significant investment, of both time and money.  To discuss the program and see if it the right next step for you, please book a call with Lynne Robertson (a two time graduate of the Academy) and she’ll walk you through everything you need to know and answer any logistical questions you may have!

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Supercoach 2018 Masterclass with Michael Neill

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