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I came to Supercoach Academy because I wanted to be a better coach. Never could I have imagined the depth of love, support, transformation, freedom, simplicity and deep friendships that are tucked within the Supercoach journey. Yes, I am a far better coach now, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. There is no way to adequately describe what it feels like to experience what you’ll experience. Better yet is watching friends bloom. The Supercoach logo should be a butterfly, because it seems we all walk in hoping to just have a better walk. Then one after another we transform and fly off into a whole new world… realizing it’s not the world that actually changed.

Kristy Halvorsen

Class of 2018 and Advanced Track Europe


Having completed the first Supercoach Academy in Europe, in 2020 we will be back in Santa Monica offering a comprehensive six month training experience leading to a qualification as a Certified Transformative Coach.

Your six month training consists of a combination of live group intensives, virtual masterclasses, and one to one supervision.

If you cannot attend all of the sessions in person, we now offer a fully interactive, virtual option to joining the live group intensives.


We’ll all come together in Santa Monica, Los Angles for three live sessions of 5 days each, running from Monday to Friday.


Each week, you’ll have the opportunity to join us online for a virtual masterclass with some of the top teachers and coaches in the world of the inside-out understanding. (The classes will be recorded so you can go back and listen to them as often as you like.) The masterclasses will be built around three themes – Grounding, Coaching, and Business.


As part of your tuition, you’ll receive monthly supervision from some of our top graduates and faculty – people who are creating real results with clients in the world using the same understanding you will be learning.

These sessions are your chance to both explore more personal questions and submit coaching sessions for feedback and review.

Catalyst & Insight

January 13th – 17th 2020

Santa Monica, Los Angeles

A catalyst is “an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action”.  During our first five days together, you’ll learn to act as a catalyst to your client’s innate genius, wisdom, and creativity, so they can bring their best self to any problem, challenge, or project. During the Catalyst Intensive, we’ll be taking a deep dive into:


  • The principles behind the inside-out understanding – where people’s experience of life really comes from (and why recognizing that fact really matters)
  • Bringing genius to life – the amazing capacity of the mind for insight, creativity, and guidance
  • The fundamentals of transformative coaching as distinct from therapy, self-help, or “teaching the principles”
  • The power of insight and wonder


    Each of the three live weeks will be led by Michael, and will include coaching practicum where you can both watch him coach and put your own understanding into action with others.


During Supercoach Academy 2018, Michael conducted a live coaching intensive with Rob, a former Special Forces solider. This clip is taken from the afternoon session of day one, where everything changes in just 30 minutes…

Connection & Impact

March 16th – 20th 2020

Santa Monica, Los Angeles

At the heart of all the work we do is one simple truth: there is no substitute for being fully present with another human being. Over the course of the Connection and Impact Intensive, we’ll be exploring:


  • Deep listening, connection, and trust
  • Transformative presence – making more of a difference by being more of who you really are
  • How the coaching relationship makes impact more or less likely to occur
  • You’ll also get to witness a multi-day coaching intensive with Michael from start to finish!

Creation & integration 

June 15th – 19th 2020

Santa Monica, Los Angeles

The infinite creative potential of the mind is often surprisingly overlooked in our quest to solve the most pressing problems in our lives, business, and the world around us. As we come together for one final time in June, we’ll be playing with:  

  • Creating the impossible – helping your clients to go beyond their personal best
  • The keys to unleashing creativity and innovation “on demand”
  • Why breakthroughs are always possible (and how to help people have more of them)
  • What to do when you don’t know what to do
  • Evolving your coaching business and discovering what you want to be up to in the world


Each week, you’ll have the opportunity to join us online for a virtual masterclass. (The classes will be recorded so you can go back and listen to them as often as you like.) The masterclasses will be built around three themes – Grounding, Coaching, and Business.


In our Grounding Masterclasses, you’ll get the chance to learn from and interact with many of the “all-stars” of the inside-out community​ – people who’ve been studying and sharing the principles for more than four decades.


Coaching Masterclasses exist for one reason – to give you the chance to watch great coaches coach and ask questions about how and why they do what they do.


During the Business Masterclasses, we’ll be exploring both the business of coaching and the business of business. You’ll get practical tips and a deeper understanding of how to sell, market, and grow your business from the inside-out.

What will attending 

Supercoach Academy do for me?

Results you can’t even imagine

One of the reasons I find it difficult to honestly answer the question “What will attending Supercoach Academy do for me?” is that many of the coolest things that will happen for you live outside the current limits of your imagination. Our graduates are working with executives in multi-million dollar businesses, changing children’s lives in impoverished nations, and helping both Olympic and professional athletes succeed at the top levels of their sports.

Here are just a few examples of SCA graduates who are doing amazing work that wasn’t even on their radar when they began:

The co-founder and director of Beyond Recovery, bringing this work into prisons and transforming the field of addiction treatment in the UK

Jacqueline Hollows

Class of 2011

Bringing this work to people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and achieving results that defy current medical understanding

John El-Mokadem

Class of 2014, Faculty 2017, 2018 and Europe

The co-founder of the OneSolution Global initiative championing the inside-out understanding as a tool for international change

Eirik Olsen

Class of 2012

Founder of A Little Peace of Mind, a global platform transforming the lives of tens of thousands of people with anxiety

Nicola Bird

Class of 2014 and 2016, Faculty SCA Europe


Transformative coaching helps people with more than just the challenges or goals they bring to the table. It wakes them up to a deeper, more powerful yet peaceful part of themselves. Here are just some of the benefits our student’s clients report:

For us, coaching is a noble profession, and we feel privileged to have been at the forefront of it for nearly 30 years. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or completely new to the craft, if you want to make your living by making one hell of a difference to others, we hope you’ll join us…

Are you our ideal Academy student?

You‘ve been impacted personally by ​Michael’s work and/or the ​Three Principles. You want to go deeper and share what you‘re seeing with others, but you‘re more interested in ​working with people as a coach than as a therapist or “3P facilitator”. ​Our training is firmly grounded in the inside-out understanding but consistently focused on the success and well-being of our clients.


You‘re an experienced coach who is looking for a way to increase your impact and help your clients get more effortless/stress-free results in the world – a kind of an “awakened success”. ​We’ll show you how to go beyond ​simply ​empowering your clients towards a model of expanded possibility and increased personal freedom.


You‘re already successful in at least one area in your life and see the study of transformative coaching as a way to better understand why you‘ve been able to do what you’ve done and to help those around you achieve the same and more. You already make a great living but recognize this as part of your life’s work – a way of giving back to your community and the world.

“Supercoach Academy is, at heart, a human cocoon. It rocks your world and then busts it wide open as you fall in love with the infinitely gorgeous news of who you really are. Learning to help others take flight along with you is the icing on the cake.“ 

Mer Monson

Class of 2018 and Advanced Track Europe

Our promise to you…

A ridiculous level of confidence in what your coaching can do For others

Whether you want to be coaching CEO’s or entrepreneurs, working moms or struggling veterans, successful artists or recovering addicts, one of the most powerful “sales tools” you’ve got is your own sense of certainty about the impact of this understanding.

Finding that certainty not only makes selling coaching a thousand times easier, it makes finding potential clients that you would love to work with easier too.

A very clear sense of where your job as a coach ends and your client's job begins

One of the hardest things ​for many coaches is feeling like every one of ​our client’s successes ​are down to them but their failures ​are all down to ​us. On the plus side it ​sometimes makes us try harder; on the downside, it ​can make us try so hard that at times ​we wind up losing rapport, losing heart, and ultimately losing clients.

Over the course of the Academy, you‘ll get crystal clear about how to give everything you have to your clients without getting dragged through the muck of their insecure thinking (or the even muckier muck of your own).

The reality of being able to make your living by making a difference in the world

Let’s get really real about this – for most of us, much as we love “being used for a purpose recognized by ourselves as a mighty one”, the money matters.

I am not promising you ​”​wealth beyond your wildest dreams in the first six months of your coaching career​.” I am promising you that​ even​ if you‘re new to coaching and you see what’s on offer here, you ​can have your first paying client or clients before the Academy is finished.

If you‘re an experienced coach or business person, you‘ll be able to increase your coaching income and expand your practice within the year. And anyone who sees the intersection of the principles behind creativity and the world of possibility ​and is willing to put in the hours ​can have a thriving practice within 18 months ​of getting started.

Tuition for Supercoach Academy is $15,000

Your Supercoach Academy experience will begin as soon as you register. On enrollment, you will receive:


  • Instant video and audio access to the Coaching from the Inside-Out, Living from the Inside-Out, and Supercoach Self Study program  ($650 value)
  • Lifetime membership to the Transformative Coaches Cafe, a community for professional mentoring, peer to peer support, practice-building wisdom, and coach-specific resources. ($995/year value)
  • Lifetime membership to the Inner Circle including over 150 hours of video trainings featuring me alongside many of the top teachers of the inside-out understanding ($295/year value)
  • Access to dozens of masterclasses from past Academies (Priceless – only available to Academy students)

ENROLMENT FOR SCA 2020 is now open

There are only fifty places available in total and over half the places are already taken. The last two Academies sold out months in advance, so if you want to join us, we encourage you to sign up early.  Your Supercoach Academy experience starts as soon as you enroll!

PAY IN FULL $15,000

Payment plan $15,000

Have questions?

Lynne_Head_ShotTo discuss our programs and see what is the right next step for you, please book a call with Lynne Robertson (a two time graduate of the Academy) and she’ll walk you through everything you need to know and answer any questions you may have!

Your Supercoach Academy Package

  • 15 days live training in Santa Monica, Los Angeles (and/or virtual attendance) with Michael Neill
  • Weekly Virtual Masterclasses in Grounding, Coaching and Business Building
  • Weekly “Office Hours” to stay connected with students and faculty
  • Monthly One to One Supervision sessions with Academy Faculty
  • Four Pre-Academy group webinars with Michael in June, July, September and November 2019

At the conclusion of the program, you will be eligible for certification as a Certified Transformative Coach.

What our students say

“Supercoach Academy is the single best investment I ever made in myself. Even prior to the academy intensives starting, I felt like I’d gotten my money’s worth and more. Michael generously allowed us access to a depth of resources that impacted my learning greatly. The live calls, the past trainings, masterclasses, talks (and more) supported me fully. My own grounding and my coaching transformed starting from the moment I signed up. I remained constantly amazed at how much Michael gave and continues to give throughout and beyond the program.”

Kim Kaase

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