Five years ago, I launched Supercoach Academy as an international school to train people in the art and science of “Transformative Coaching”.

In 2016, we will once again open our doors with an international format that combines live events with the latest in virtual learning platforms for a comprehensive nine month training experience leading to a qualification as a Certified Transformative Coach.

Michael Neill

Over 200 people from more than 25 countries have taken part, and as we’ve learned more about what leads to transformation both inside and out, we’ve refined the program each year to make it more impactful, more effective, and more fun.

What some of our recent graduates have said about The Academy…

Teresa“Supercoach Academy was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I’ve been a huge fan of Michael Neill for years, and being his student, learning directly from him, was absolutely amazing. Not only do SCA students get to learn from Michael himself, but all the great teachers that he brings in. The top leaders in The Three Principles world taught us through the weekend workshops and the masterclasses. Then there is the awesome community that Michael has brought together. The other students were amazing to work with. Lastly, Michael’s staff is so helpful and always right there when needed. I loved it so much, I signed up for the Advanced Track and another go-round!”

Teresa Adams

Kim“Supercoach Academy is the single best investment I ever made in myself. Even prior to the academy intensives starting, I felt like I’d gotten my money’s worth and more. Michael generously allowed us access to a depth of resources that impacted my learning greatly. The live calls, the past trainings, masterclasses, talks (and more) supported me fully. My own grounding and my coaching transformed starting from the moment I signed up. I remained constantly amazed at how much Michael gave and continues to give throughout and beyond the program.”

Kim Kaase

Jonelle“Supercoach Academy was an incredibly rich learning experience. It was filled with opportunities to watch a master at work (Michael Neill’s coaching and facilitation skills). It allowed the opportunity to go on a journey of discovery along with (and supported by) a community of individuals looking in the same direction. It provided an incredible wealth of resources including access to many of the leaders in the Three Principles understanding. And for me personally (despite the moments of my crazy made-up insecure thinking :), it was always incredibly interesting, and mostly just a lot of fun.”

Jonelle Simms

Let’s work together in 2016 to wake you up to a deeper part of yourself, evolve your understanding of how life works, and support you in working with others. You’ll learn to ignite the divine spark inside them, unleash their deepest potential, and transform their lives for the better.

MarinaPutting Words to the Music

by Marina Galan, Class of 2014

When I think about Super​coach Academy, the first thing that comes to mind is an image of Michael Neill holding a post-it note in his hand with the word “HOME” written on it. It was the very first day of our time together, and he was very seriously stating that the journey was all about “coming home”. I remember a nice feeling falling over the room as we all got quiet and imagined what that could mean.

Over the following months, I would often think back on that moment as I found new, sometimes unexpected ways Super​coach was, indeed, bringing me home.

MarinaPeople in the program became a family. There was that beautiful feeling of companionship and openness, we could share freely knowing we would be held and respected, there was unending support and encouragement, and we all knew the bonds we had created would transcend our time together.

The spaces became infused with meaning. Like a childhood home or a college dorm, but even beyond to the impact of “where were you when you first heard about 9/11” kind of detailed memory. Insights, connections, moments of absolute inner stillness -and of absolute inner upheaval, all of them so powerful, so utterly life changing, that the spaces inevitably end up embodying them.

An entire language -not necessarily spoken- developed in and around our experiences and needs of expression. We felt encouraged to explore the possibilities, venture into deeper ways of connecting with each other and ourselves. The connections stopped being seen as a result and turned into a most beautiful means of exploration and revelation.

MarinaWe became more trusting of ourselves, of others, of our surroundings, and of life itself. The entire world became more of a home, and the experience of it a most exciting, delightful -and completely safe- adventure.

We were increasingly comfortable being ourselves. You know that saying, “Home is where the bra isn’t”?, well, we were finding ourselves bra-less more and more, unrestrained by inhibitions, fears and insecurities. They were there, of course, they just were not relevant anymore, because discovering the joy of being ourselves was such an absolute joy there was no way we´d want to miss it.

We were all aware of the growth and transformation we were experiencing, but we were also conscious of our role as witnesses to the growth and transformation of others. The miracle of seeing and being seen by the Other and bearing testimony of the revelations it brings.

MarinaSo yes, all in all, we had become a family and Supercoach Academy had become our home.

But it was the last days of Super​coach Academy that really allowed me to begin to understand the scope of those first words Michael said:

As the inevitable end drew nearer, I could see people preparing for goodbyes and making hopeful plans to stay in touch or collaborate in the future, but I noticed something strange: there was no sense of departing, not a trace of the mourning or nostalgia that inevitably comes when we “leave” home.

In fact there was no sense of leaving anything behind at all. Nothing. Quite the contrary: our hands and hearts were full to the brim and overflowing, and there was nothing to be left behind and nowhere to leave anything. Whatever had happened, whatever had come to be, it was all coming with us.

Supercoach Academy 2015And that was when it hit me: it was not Super​coach Academy, Michael and his staff, the other participants or even the sum of what I had learned that had grown into a sense of home, it was me. I had become Home, along with every single one of​ ​us. We all became Home in the widest -and wildest- possible sense.

Through the ability to actually see ourselves and others, we had become a home to them, a safe harbour for them to rest, unfold and hopefully even see themselves.

Through the recognition of an inner space where we instinctively return to, reverting the usual inertia to look outside for identification and validation, we had become home to ourselves as individuals.

Through the understanding of the fact that our only possible “ideal self” is actually our very simple, very present, very divine Self, we had become home to our true Selves.

Through the revelation of our inevitable oneness with everything that is, we had become home to a sole, ever expanding Consciousness.

DSC07808c-1024x576-minAnd through the acceptance of ourselves as manifestations of never-ending, ever-growing possibilities, we had become home to the entire Universe.

You see, the invitation in SCA is not for the ‘you’ you think you are. The invitation is for the true You, and every minute you spend in Super​coach, it is that You who is being summoned. Any mask or disguise you bring to cover the miracle You are is oh so graciously ignored. But You? You are celebrated to a point where you simply no longer want anything else. And if you follow that impulse to shed what You are not, then you see how, at every moment, Life is carefully, lovingly creating Itself for and through You, and that there is no bliss that can come close to actually experiencing this new, miraculous existence where there is nothing left but Home.

Thank you, Michael, for the invitation, the guidance, and the companionship on the journey.

Get a Taste of Supercoach Academy

In September, I co-hosted a series called “How a Deeper Understanding Changes Lives” with our director of community engagement, Sara Murre, and we were joined each day by a panel of faculty and graduates of Supercoach Academy who have real-world experience in bringing the transformative conversation to life.

Learn More & Get the Free Recordings

The Program

Supercoach Academy is delivered through a combination of live events, small group video calls, online community, and virtual masterclasses. It constitutes a comprehensive education in the inside-out understanding, the principles behind the human experience, and the skills and distinctions used by some of the most successful coaches in the world to support their clients and sustain a successful coaching practice.

We’ll all come together during four live weekends of 3 1/2 days each, running from Thursday to Sunday lunchtime for the first three weekends and Thursday to Sunday evening on the final weekend in September 2016.

a. The Foundation weekend will be held ​January​ 14th – 17th 2016 in Los Angeles, California with special guests Cathy Casey and Dr. Mark Howard.

b. The Connection weekend will be held March 17th – 20th 2016 in New York City with special guest Mara Gleason

c. The Creation weekend will be held May 12th – 15th 2016 in London, England with special guest Aaron Turner Ph.D

d. The Integration and Expansion weekend will be held ​September 8th – 11th 2016 in Los Angeles, California with special guest Elsie Spittle.

For the first time ever, there are four tracks available to attend:


1. The Personal Transformation Track (for those who wish to master this understanding for themselves and their lives)

2. The Professional Transformation Track (for those who wish to work professionally as coaches, teachers, or trainers)

3. The Corporate/Career Transformation Track (for those who wish to bring this understanding into the world of work)

4. The Advanced Track (for past graduates of Supercoach Academy​ ​who would like to go deeper into the art and science of transformation)

Throughout the course, you’ll also be given the opportunity to participate in:

  • Small group pod calls, where you get the chance to ask questions in a more intimate setting and bring real-life situations to the table
  • Virtual masterclasses with some of the top ​inside-out teachers and trainers in the world. All masterclasses will be recorded so that even if you can’t attend live, you’ll still be able to benefit and revisit them again and again.In between the live events, you’ll get together each week for one or more of the following:
  • Track calls, where you can take part in in-depth explorations related to your particular areas of interest and application
  • A special members-only community (etc)

At ​the conclusion of the program, you will be eligible for certification as a Certified Transformative Coach​.​


Supercoach Academy 2014 Insights Book

Insights: Supercoach Academy 2014

The class of 2014 put together a book of their insights for me! If you’d like to see how this understanding changes real lives, this is a wonderful example.

Download the eBook

(PDF / 990kb)


Enrolment for Supercoach Academy 2016 has now closed.

Supercoach Academy students also receive:

  • Lifetime membership to the Inner Circle including over 150 hours of video trainings featuring Michael alongside Elsie Spittle, Dicken Bettinger, George Pransky, Christine Heath, and many of the top teachers of the inside-out understanding ($495/year value)
  • Additional bonuses throughout the year



If you’d like to speak with someone to explore our other programs and courses, schedule a conversation with Sara Murre, our Director of Enrollment.

You can reach Sara by email:
and by phone: 1-800-570-6216

Please include your time zone, location and Skype information with your message.



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