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For over 20 years I’ve been coaching, teaching, and writing about what it takes to live happily and create success in a world that doesn’t always do what we tell it to and doesn’t always deliver exactly what we want. Over the past few years, I’ve been deepening my understanding of a new paradigm in psychology which has revolutionized my work.  The “inside-out understanding” is based on three simple principles which point to the source of the human experience and the vast untapped resource inside all of us – the human potential.

Beginning in January 2014, I will be guiding a group of committed people through a gentle yet rigorous training program designed to unleash the human potential inside you and teach you the skills that will allow you to do the same for your clients, colleagues, and loved ones. Whether you are already a coach looking to take your practice to the next level or if coaching is something you’ve always thought would be wonderful to do and you want to learn to do it to a phenomenally high standard, this program will shift your foundations, expand your possibilities, and help you get from wherever you are to wherever you want to be in your work.

Along the way, you will find your own life transformed as you begin to see the world and other people in a whole new way.

Watch this short video to see the evolution of Supercoach Academy

The program will be delivered through a combination of live events, small group podcalls, online community and virtual masterclasses and will be a comprehensive education in the inside-out understanding, the principles behind the human experience, and the skills and distinctions used by some of the most successful coaches in the world to support their clients and sustain a successful coaching practice.

Along with a faculty that I’m thrilled to say includes many of my own mentors as well as a few of my top students, I’ll be personally leading the group through the adventure of a lifetime!

Based on what we’ve learned over the past four years, we’ve created a brand new format for 2014 designed to maximize your opportunities to shift your foundations, deepen your grounding, and develop your practice.

1. There will be four live weekends of 3 1/2 days each, running from Thursday to Sunday lunchtime for the first three weekends and Thursday to Sunday evening on the final weekend in September.

a. The Foundation weekend will be held in Los Angeles from January 16 – 19, 2014

Special Guest Faculty – Cathy Casey and Dr Mark Howard

b. The Connection weekend will be held in New York City from March 13 – 16, 2014

Special Guest Faculty – Mara Gleason

c. The Creation weekend will be held in London from May 15 – 18, 2014

Special Guest Faculty – Dr Aaron Turner

d. The Integration and Expansion weekend will be held in Los Angeles from September 11 – 14, 2014

Special Guest Faculty - Dr George Pransky  and Linda Pransky

2. Between each of the live sessions, your learning will come to life through bi-weekly videoconferences led by specially trained members of the Genius Catalyst team. These small group sessions will be a chance for you to ask questions, practice what you’ve learned, share stories and gain new insights into what it takes to transform a life. Each “coaching pod” will consist of 8-10 students and will meet on different times and dates to better accommodate schedules throughout the US, UK, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

3. Throughout the course, you’ll be given the opportunity to participate in virtual masterclasses with some of the top Inside-Out trainers, teachers and coaches in the world. All masterclasses will be recorded so even if you can’t attend live, you’ll still be able to benefit and revisit them again and again.

4. A special student-based community will give you the opportunity to stay connected with your fellow supercoach trainees on a daily basis. Many participants on past trainings have said that the people they’ve met through the trainings and the friendships and alliances they’ve formed have been one of the most valuable of the “unexpected perks” of participation.

At the conclusion of the program, you will be eligible for certification as a Certified Transformative Coach, and your certificate will be personally signed by me. In addition, we have applied to the ICF so that your training hours will be able to be used as CCEU’s.

Here are the certification requirements:

  • Attendance of at least three of the four live events (including the first and last)
  • Attendance of at least 75% of teleclasses live and the remaining 25% via the recordings
  • Demonstration of skills during live events
  • Positive Peer feedback
  • Log a minimum of 50 client sessions (minimum 25 hours) from the beginning of the course, including at least 15 paid sessions
  • Completion of at least three private mentoring sessions with a faculty member, including a review of a 30 minute coaching session (included in the cost of the program)

The requirement that I feel is most important is that you log a minimum of 50 client sessions (and at least 15 paid sessions) before your certification is complete. You do not have to do this by the end of the program, but we strongly recommend that you do. Until you actually experience the process of getting and coaching “real live clients” the material in this course will remain theoretical and you will not know how difficult or easy it will be to apply things when they matter most.

We actually want you to get through as much of the learning curve that all coaches face when they are doing something new while you are still on the course, so we can offer you the kind of support that matters most at the time when it will be of most use to you!

Tuition for the live program is $12,000 (US).

We are also offering an expanded Virtual Track this year for people who cannot travel. This was an experimental program we added in 2012 to great effect. Virtual Trackers are able to participate during the weekends via live stream on the internet, and will also receive additional support from me and the Academy faculty. Because of the additional time, attention, and support you will receive, tuition for the Virtual Track is $15,000. Virtual Certification Requirements are available upon request.

Having now run the Academy for several years, I know that new students will generally fall into one of three categories:

1. I’m ready to go – how soon can we start?

If this is you, enroll now and pay your tuition in full and you will get:

  • Access to an exclusive virtual masterclass series with me and various faculty available through December 2013.
  • Monthly sessions with a certified Transformative coach between now and the beginning of the live Academy in January 2014.

Or call us at 1-800-570-6216 discuss your suitability as a potential student, payment plans, and get answers to your questions.

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2. I’m pretty sure I want to do this, but I’ve got questions!

Simply fill out the form to the right or call us at 1-800-570-6216 to request a friendly, no-pressure conversation where you can explore all your questions, hopes, and insecurities (we’ve all got ‘em! :-) at your leisure.

3. I’d love to do this but I don’t know how I’ll afford it!

We’ve had students attend the Academy from all over the world and from all walks of life. If money is the only barrier between you and attending, click here to learn more about how other people have put together the funds to attend.

Transformative Coaching is as much a calling as a career but it’s also as much a career as a calling – we’re committed to your success over the long haul, not just while you’re enrolled. That’s why we continue to offer masterclasses, seminars, and additional resources to graduates and it’s why the Supercoach community is such a vibrant one.

You probably already know if this is for you – if it is, I’ll look forward to seeing you in Los Angeles in January!

With all my love,

PS – Here’s a video outlining some of the changes that have happened in my own coaching which will be at the core of our work together in 2014:

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