Ing. Vladimir Vymetal

Ing. Vladimir Vymetal

Ing. Vladimir Vymetal

Certified Transformative Coach

I am a graduated technique, entrepreneur and founder of a successful software company with more than 60 employees. I live in the middle of Europe, in the beautiful country of Czech Republic. I see great potential for happiness and successful life in any human being.

A couple of years ago, I became interested in personal growth. I found Michael Neill on Hayhouse Radio and loved his style of coaching. After two years of listening to this smart guy, I decide it was time for action. I signed up for Michael Neill’s Supercoach Academy in New York and learned from the best in the world.

I’m now finding my own way. I noted that anyone can change their life, that anyone can make their dreams into reality, and that it is whole lot easier with a little assistance. I’m happy to assist you on your own way to your dreams. If you’re thinking about saying yes to your dream and happiness someday, consider doing it now, so you can enjoy it for much longer.


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Ideal Client

I live to work with clients who who are open to being happy and ready take hold of their lives.


I charge $500 a month. I accept Visa/MC and PayPal payment.


English and Czech

Method of Coaching

I coach mostly over the phone or via Skype.

Call Initiation

I use Skype for calls from other countries.  Clients call me.

Session Length

A normal session is 60 minutes, once per week.

Minimum Commitment

I don’t ask for a minimal commitment, because you never know when transformation will come.  When the connection is right, I look forward to long term relationship.

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